La Tine – Village Derrière – Petite Chia – Creux de l’Enfer – Vers les Jordan – Allières

  • Distance : 7,9 km Walking time : 2h45
  • Altitudes : lowest point 799 m ; highest point 1034 m
  • Elevation - loss in meter : gain 559 m ; loss 435 m

From Village Devant, the route follows the road to Village Derrière. Then it follows the alpage service road up to the crest just under the Petite Chia Alpage (alpine farm), 5 minutes above. From the crest, a path  descends in the forest via an old mule trail, sections of which were carved out of the rock. The path drops to the "Creux de l’Enfer," downstream of the Sarine gorges which form the border between Vaud and Fribourg. Cross the Sarine to the left bank. Walk upstream to the hamlet of Vers les Pichon. Follow the road through pastures to the crest that separates the Sarine and Hongrin valleys. Once over the crest, the trail winds down toward the Hongrin river via a rutted track.  The historic route leads to the Pontet Bridge, one of the oldest bridges in the canton of Fribourg (12th century). Cheese-makers from Gruyère and the Pays-d’Enhaut had no choice but to cross the river at this precise spot. From here, ascend the Hongrin valley along the left bank and rejoin the road. Follow it to Allières, passing by the new éponyme chapel. The old chapel was swept away by a landslide in 1990 and only the bell and a statue of Saint Marie-Madeleine were recovered.

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Information and timetable: – Rail service +41 (0)900 300 300 (CHF 1.19/min)
La Tine: MOB train (Montreux – Zweisimmen). Station La Tine
Allières: MOB train (Montreux – Zweisimmen). Station Allières


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