• Distance : 4,8 km

  • Walking time : 1h15

  • Altitudes : lowest point 907 m ; highest point 991 m

  • Elevation : gain 182 m ; drop 210 m


Les Combes – Gérignoz – Ramaclé – Château-d’Œx

From the Combes, the route crosses prairies and pastures before coming to the Sarine. Cross the river just before Gérignoz village. Because gorges are particularly steep here, the route pulls away from the Sarine on the left bank at the village exit, then climbs back down to the river via a forest path. Walk the path to the Ramaclé Waterfall and along a protected alluvial zone, extremely important to the natural flow of the Sarine and home to diverse flora. Cross to the right bank over an old, suspension bridge and follow the road to Château-d’Œx.




Turrian Bridge

The bridge was built in 1883, following the destruction of several lighter structures, swept away by the river.The Turrian Bridge is the oldest suspension bridge in French-speaking Switzerland. It crosses the Sarine with a view of the Ramaclé alluvial zone, classified as a site of national importance.


Sarine Alluvial Zone

The Sarine river flows through an evolving, dynamic landscape between the small Ramaclé waterfall and Turrian Bridge.The Sarine Alluvial Zone is located south of the village of Château-d’Œx, at 900 altitude. The environment through which the Sarine flows remains close to its natural state, with an impressive variety of flora. Because this section of the Sarine is neither altered nor restrained, the dynamic of the river and the location of different channels in the alluvial zone is constantly changing.

Between Gérignoz and Turrian Bridge, the Sarine only descends 19 m in altitude as it travels over 2 km. This extremely gradual slope allows the river to separate into several channels and form small stone islands, often covered by pioneer vegetation. Periods of high water levels sometimes modify the path of the Sarine. Some islands disappear while others are created. Thanks to this dynamic, the alluvial zone harbors the largest grove of alpine white alders in the canton of Vaud, a species capable of growing very quickly on islands and riverbanks. The piscicultural fauna and certain nesting birds (such as the common sandpiper) contribute to the wealth of this alluvial zone of national importance.

A pedestrian trail wanders the alluvial zone. The Turrian suspension bridge, built in 1883, is the oldest suspension bridge in french-speaking Switzerland. The bridge allows access to both riverbanks. Several picnic areas are dispersed throughout the alluvial zone.


Accommodation and dining facilities

The Park offers a list of agritourism accommodations that includes alternative accommodation, food and cheese-making demonstrations in the Park. Alternative accommodation includes chalets, refuges, B&Bs and guest rooms.

Public transport

Information and timetable: www.sbb.ch – Rail Service 0848 44 66 88 (CHF 0.08/min.)

Les Combes : MOB train (Montreux – Zweisimmen). Stop Les Combes

Château-d'Œx : MOB train (Montreux – Zweisimmen). Stop Château-d'Œx



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