• Distance : 9,2 km

  • Walking time : 2h45

  • Altitudes : lowest point 693 m ; highest point 908 m

  • Elevation : gain 361 m ; drop 465 m


Crésuz – Gorges de la Jogne (Jogne Gorge) – Les Marches – Gruyères

From the center of town, follow the trail down to Montsalvens Lake. Walk along the lake to Châtel-sur-Montsalvens Dam, the first Arch Dam of Europe, built in 1921. Follow the trail through the magnificent Jogne Gorges, which have remained relatively wild. Here the trail crosses and recrosses the river several times, going through tunnels and over bridges. Closed in winter, the numerous bridges and tunnels are a testament how difficult it is to access the area. The route eventually leaves the gorges and follows the main road to Broc with beautiful views of Lake Gruyères along the way. At the entrance of the village, the route goes by several homes before crossing pastures to Notre-Dame des Marches chapel, destination of a major pilgrimage. The trail then drops back to the Sarine and crosses the Pont qui Branle (wobbling bride), before climbing to the remarkably well-preserved, medieval village of Gruyères.



Montsalvens Dam

This arch dam overlooks the Jogne Gorges. It feeds the turbines of the Broc electric plant. This dam, located along the Jogne river, is responsible for Montsalvens lake. Built between 1918 and 1921 by engineer Heinrich Eduard Gruner, it was the first arch dam in Europe with both horizontal et vertical curves. 52m high and 110m long, its construction required 26’000 m3 of concrete.


Maison Cailler

The Swiss chocolate factory, Maison Cailler in Broc, is the most-visited site in French-speaking Switzerland. Imagine a place where you can dive with all your senses into the marvelous world of Cailler chocolate; admire mysterious Aztec ceremonies; feel roasted cocoa beans between your fingers and smell delectable rivers of freshly made chocolate; discover different steps in the fabrication of our famous "branches Cailler" ; and of course taste Cailler chocolate as it reaches its ultimate destiny, your mouth. Revel in the tremendous aroma born from the best cocoa, local milk, and other savory ingredients that are sure to tickle your palate.


Accommodation and dining facilities

The Park offers a list of agritourism accommodations that includes alternative accommodation, food and cheese-making demonstrations in the Park. Alternative accommodation includes chalets, refuges, B&Bs and guest rooms.

Public transport

Information and timetable: www.sbb.ch – Rail Service 0848 44 66 88 (CHF 0.08/min.)

Crésuz : bus TPF (line 260 Bulle – Jaun and line 245 Fribourg - Jaun). Stop Crésuz, village

Gruyères : TPF train (Bulle - Montbovon). Stop Gruyères



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