• Distance : 5,2 km

  • Walking time : 1h30

  • Altitudes : lowest point 884 m ; highest point 1026 m

  • Elevation : gain 237 m ; drop 95 m


Charmey – Les Ciernes – Les Précornes – La Valsainte

The route follows the road linking Charmey to the Sciernes, passing by Saint Anne Chapel, before forking right on a path that crosses pastures while offering splendid views of the Moleson to the southwest. The route passes several isolated farms that showcase the traditional agricultural landscape of the region- with numerous wood features (hedges, isolated trees, groves, forest edges), before briefly joining the road. A path then gently falls to the valley floor. Cross the Javro by way of a pretty covered foot bridge, then climb to the monastic site of the Valsainte.



La Valsainte Carthusian Charterhouse

La Valsainte is the only carthusian charterhouse in Switzerland still active today. Its exterior chapel is open to the public. La Valsainte is tucked into the Javro Valley, in the municipality of Cerniat.

The Valsainte was founded in 1294, following a donation from Girard 1st of Corbières. Until the 16th century, only the church was of solid stone construction. The conventual buildings and cells were wood. Tragic, deadly fires scar the history of the Valsainte. In 1778, the Charterhouse was closed and the monks moved to La Part-Dieu (Bulle). Authorized by the state of Fribourg to buy back the Valsainte in 1861, the Carthusians entirely reconstructed their monastery. From 1863 to 1903, a series of additions were put on the Valsainte. The last line of cells was erected in order to accommodate Carthusians chased from France. These cells were demolished in 2008 in order to restore the stability of the monastery threatened by erosion.


Musée de Charmey

Thanks in no small part to the export of Gruyère cheese to Lyon market, alpine farming in Charmey flourished right up until the French Revolution. Many of the buildings and the surviving woodcraft tradition bear witness to the region’s former prosperity. In 1294, Carthusian monks established a charterhouse in la Valsainte where they have remained ever since. Featuring an original monk’s cell, the “Valsainte” room is a window into the deeply spiritual and secluded world of this religious order. A series of exhibitions traces the history, development, know-how and craftsmanship of the region. Since 1993 Charmey has hosted the International Paper Triennial, which attracts artists from around the world.


Accommodation and dining facilities

The Park offers a list of agritourism accommodations that includes alternative accommodation, food and cheese-making demonstrations in the Park. Alternative accommodation includes chalets, refuges, B&Bs and guest rooms.

Public transport

Information and timetable: www.sbb.ch – Rail Service 0848 44 66 88 (CHF 0.08/min.)

Charmey : bus TPF (line 260 Bulle – Jaun and line 245 Fribourg - Jaun). Stop Charmey, village

La Valsainte : Alpin Bus (line 290 Cerniat – La Valsainte). Stop La Valsainte, Couvent





When you produce a valid public transport ticket for the dates of your package, we will refund you the price of a half-fare public transport ticket from your home in Switzerland (or from your point of entry in Switzerland) to your destination in the Park. If you decide to stay for two or more additional nights in the Park – either prior to the start of or at the end of your chosen package deal – we will refund you the price of a full-fare public transport ticket.




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