Some questions and answers to help you plan your hike.

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When can I leave ?

The Cheese Trails pass essentially in the valleys. Therefore, it is possible to hike them from spring to autumn. Nevertheless, it is the responsibility of the hiker to check weather forecasts as well as snow conditions. The ideal period to hike is mid-May to mid-October.

Take note: the Crésuz – Gruyères stage via the Jogne gorges is subject to closings due to the opening of Montsalvens dam which represents a significant danger. Always respect these closings. For more information consult the Broc municipality's (in french).


What is the best time period to hike the trails ?

Between July and August weather conditions are ideal, alpages (alpine farms) are active and opportunities to sleep along the trail are abundant.


Is it possible to access the Cheese Trails by public transportation ?

All the stages are accessible by public transportation (train, bus or coach). Bus stops and train stations along the trail are referenced in the app. This information can also be found in the descriptive summary of each stage.

For more detailed information on public transportation and schedules, consult the site or Rail services at +41 (0)848 44 66 88 (CHF 0.08/min)


Can we hike the Cheese Trails with a dog ?

Yes, you can hike the trails with a dog. However, it is recommended and sometimes even required by law that your dog is on a leash in forests. For more information, download our brochure Respectez nos zones protégées et nos espèces sensibles (Respect our protected areas and sensitive species).


Where can I sleep along the trail ?

Numerous hotels and B&Bs have partnered with the Cheese Trails. All are referenced in the points of interest in the app under the menu item: Dormir or Sleeping. This information can also be found in the descriptive summary of each stage on the website.


Can we camp?

Camping is illegal in all regions of the Park. That being said, several designated campgrounds are located along the Cheese Trails. You can find a list of campgrounds here.


Where can I eat or buy food ?

Numerous restaurants, buvettes (snack bars) and shops featuring local products can be found in the villages you will hike through. You can find a list under points of interest in the app under the menu Manger or Eating. This information can also be found in the descriptive summary of each stage.


Are there easier stages?

With one exception (Rougemont – Château-d’Œx via les Ciernes Picat) the stages follow marked hiking trails and present no major difficulties.


Are there more difficult stages ?

Only the Rougemont – Château-d’Œx through les Ciernes Picat stage follows a more difficult, mountain hiking trail.

What should we do if there is an accident ? What are the emergency numbers ?

Protect the injured and concerned parties from other dangers and the elements (bad weather and cold). Perform first aid. If necessary or if there is any doubt, alert rescue services. Do not leave the injured alone. Keep yourself safe so as not to make the situation worse.


Emergency Numbers

Emergency Services 144
Rega (helicopter rescue team) 1414
Police 117