Chalet du Soldat (1746 m) - Cabane des Marindes (1866 m), distance: 12 km, walking time: → 4 hrs 30 min; ← 4 hrs 15 min

This stage of the trail offers an array of pre-alpine landscapes through the Petit Mont and Gros Mont valleys between the Hochmatt and the Dent de Ruth mountains. The final ascent takes you through the Vallon des Morteys (ProNatura reserve), opposite the Vanil Noir. One of the outstanding features of this landscape is its diverse and colourful flora. The arrival point, the Les Marindes mountain refuge (advance booking required), is the ideal spot to observe chamois, ibex and marmots in their natural habitat.


  • Distance: 12 km

  • Walking time: → 4 hrs 30 min; ← 4 hrs 15 min

  • Altitude: lowest point 1363 m; highest point 1868 m

  • Elevation gain/drop: → +843 m, -718 m; ← +718 m, -843 m


Level of difficulty : experienced hikers
Material : hiking shoes, picnic, weather-appropriate clothing (mountain weather is very changeable)
Hiking map : 1:25'000 (edition mpa, TopoRando) : La Gruyère
Hiking map : 1:40'000 (Kümmerly+Frey) : Parc Gruyères Pays-d'Enhaut - Order the card : 20.- (+2.- of shipping costs). 


Accommodation at the Chalet du Soldat

Chalet du Soldat, open 1 June to 27 October, Nicolas Gavillet and Sylviane Marendaz, +41(0)26 929 82 35, +41 (0) 79 247 63 32, http://chaletdusoldat.chThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Accommodation at Les Marindes

Cabane CAS des Marindes. Open daily from mid-May to early October. No dining facilities (except soup and beverages), but a self-catering kitchen is available. Information and booking (required): +41 (0)79 790 45 33,


Public transport

Information and timetables:, Bulle train station, +41 (0)26 913 05 11
Chalet du Soldat: no public transport service. TPF stops: Nearest stops: Im Fang/La Villette (via le Petit Mont) and Jaun
Cabane des Marindes: no public transport service. Nearest TPF stop: Charmey, Pra Jean



Starting from the Chalet du Soldat, take the path heading south towards the Stierenritz mountain farm, at the foot of the Wandflue. Continue walking down into the Petit Mont valley, past the Le Lapé forest reserve. The path continues gently to the La Gueyre chalet, passing the La Fregima à Tena mountain farm on the left (point 1543). Walk down to the Riau du Gros Mont at the bottom of the eponymous valley. After two kilometres of flat terrain, the path climbs to the Vallon des Morteys and the Les Marindes cabin at the foot of the Vanil Noir.



Vanil Noir nature reserve (Pro Natura)
Various peaks offering panoramic views : Wandflue, Dent de Ruth, Dent de Brenleire and Vanil Noir
The special geomorphology of the Vallon des Morteys



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