Responsible hiking

The Grand Tour des Vanils takes hikers through an exceptional pre-alpine landscape shaped by nature and centuries of traditional mountain farming. This outstanding natural heritage – the land, the flora and fauna, as well as the working mountain farms – should be treated with the respect it deserves.

The Park has produced a short leaflet which details the guidelines that hikers should follow, as well as the legal obligations that are in effect across its territory. There is also a separate leaflet on hiking with dogs. Both documents can be downloaded from the Park website and are small and light enough to take with you on your hike.



Heritage preservation

The Grand Tour des Vanils attaches great importance to a harmonious relationship between hikers and their natural environment. The Park’s flora and fauna belong to our shared heritage and the only way to appreciate and enjoy them is by showing them the appropriate respect. We therefore kindly request that you refrain from picking wild flowers and plants in the Park’s nature and game reserves.

The trail crosses a number of protected areas as well as three Pro Natura natural reserves. When walking through the Vanil Noir, La Pierreuse and L’Etivaz Valley nature reserves and game reserves, please read all signs and follow the instructions. Dogs are not allowed in the nature reserves.

The following leaflets detail the nature and game reserve regulations.

Download leaftlets down here or look at further information about protected areas and vulnerable species


Respect for mountain farmers and agriculture

The Grand Tour des Vanils crosses through a number of mountain farms (‘alpages’). Please remember that these scenic spots are also a home for the farmers and their animals. Visitors are welcome to visit but are kindly requested to respect the work and privacy of the families who live on these properties.

There are a few simple rules to follow. Please close all gates and barriers behind you and do not disturb the cattle. Keeps dogs on a lead at all times and do not let them near the cattle’s drinking troughs. To prevent contaminating the cattle, please collect and properly dispose of your pet’s waste in the bins provided.

Please keep to the designated hiking path and do not walk over hayfields. Visitors are welcome to stop by the farmhouses, but please remember these are private properties. Therefore, common courtesies when visiting would be greatly appreciated (ask permission before entering, announce your presence, respect the privacy of the occupants and follow all instructions they may give you).

Please note that the farmers may not always be available, even though they would like to be there to greet you. Check the Park’s mobile app – Cheese Trails – for the dates when you can watch cheese being made on the mountain dairy farms.

Finally, the best way to recognise the work of farmers is by paying a fair price for their products. We feel it is important that visitors also pay for the products they consume on or buy from a mountain farm, just as they would in a conventional shop or restaurant.


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